They’ve got the ‘write’ stuff

The talented and inspiring Melissa Veres awarded me quite the honor yesterday, and now it’s time for me to pass the meme torch.

writehardWhat is exactly is Write Hard? It’s an opportunity to acknowledge the writers you admire, the ones who keep you motivated, the ones who use the #amwriting hashtag, the ones who produce quality work that you just know you’ll be pulling off the bookshelf one day. You can read the full rules here.

And here are my Write Hard 2011 winners. Thanks for being awesome, you guys.

1. Geoff Wakeling – Not only is he one of my favorite tweeters, Geoff is also a talented writer and an avid blogger who could teach me a thing or two about making consistent posts. I know he’s been close to finishing his WIP for a while now and whenever I see “#amwriting” in his tweets, it makes me want to tweet that, too. (Now, whether or not I’m actually writing when I post that is debatable.) When/if I ever actually finish my WIP, I fully intend to send the manuscript to him to get his feedback. I may even insert the letter “u” into words like “color” to make him feel more at home.

2. Kristen Bobst – I’ve known Kristen for about 16 years now and she’s always been a writer in some capacity. Today, she’s a screenwriter — and a talented one at that. She’s humble, but I read scripts she wrote before she even started working on her master’s in screenwriting at USC and I was riveted. I could see that action unfolding as if it were already on the big screen. The girl’s got skills so it’s only a matter of time before you hear her dialogue on a sitcom or see the scene she’s constructed on the silver screen. Also, her new blog is hilarious.

3. Rebecca Enzor – Rebecca is an extremely dedicated writer who’s unique in that she’s a nuclear chemist by day and a writer by night. She also started the NaNoWriMo blog chain that helped keep us all motivated through those crazy nights of literary abandon.

3. Amanda Martin – Amanda and I share a love of YA books … and even the people who mock us for still reading them in our 20s. I know she has a story idea she’s been wanting to get down on paper, so I’m calling her out here.

4. China Despain Freeman – I’m including China not only because she’s a gifted writer, but also in hopes that she’ll come across this post and be inspired to bring back her blog and finally write that erotic supernatural vampire Harlequin novel. (Don’t judge her. She’s going to become a very wealthy woman writing dirty romance novels and use that wealth to quit her day job and become a full-time fiction writer. The plan is genius.) Maybe she’ll even return to Twitter! *crosses fingers*

5. Melissa Veres – Yes, I know, she’s already won, but let’s just count this as an honorable mention of sorts. You see, Melissa keeps me motivated by constantly threatening to steal my kitten if I don’t write, and I know she means business because she writes the threats in ALL CAPS. I fear that one day I’ll receive a ransom note written entirely out of cut-out magazine letters, informing me that Fiver is on his way to Texas and he won’t be returned until I write 50,000 words — or send Melissa a turtle.

Excuse my NKOTB reference. I couldn’t help it. NKOTB is awesome.

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6 thoughts on “They’ve got the ‘write’ stuff

  1. The WIP has experienced a moment of crisis. It’s currently inoperable. For now let’s consider it cryogenically frozen while I begin something new.

    And thanks for the “u”! ;)

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