Adults can have Harry Potter parties too

When you tell people you’re throwing a Harry Potter-themed birthday party, they often assume you’re hosting it for your 9-year-old nephew — not your 29-year-old self. But adult Harry Potter parties really aren’t all that different from children’s Harry Potter parties.

The three chief differences are:

  • The adults arrive without children.
  • There’s alcohol.
  • The guests use the word “wand” as a euphemism for…um…body parts.

You can check out some of the party photos below.

Sorry, kids, but if you didn’t dress up in Harry Potter attire, you didn’t make the cut — except for Erin, whose LOTR getup was too funny not to include.

One thought on “Adults can have Harry Potter parties too

  1. I just thought this post deserved a comment too cuz this party looks epic. I’m a big Potterhead..if you can’t tell.

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