Lucky number 7

It’s time for a blog game! (aka a super easy Tuesday post, which will free up some afternoon writing time)

I apologize for not remembering who tagged me in this a few weeks ago, but I did copy/paste the rules into an email to remind myself and now I’m playing! Usually I’m SO much better at games!

The Rules:

  1. Go to page 77 of your current MS.
  2. Go to line 7.
  3. Copy down the next seven lines or sentences and paste them as they’re written.
  4. Tag seven other writers to play the game.

The following is from my current WIP, which I’m trying to finish and whip into shape before DFWcon.

The corridor flashes red, but the color is no longer a warning — it’s my hatred pulsing through the ship. For Morgan, for Dover, for the Officers. For the entire system. The whole ship.

I want to scream and set the lies free; let them descend upon Water Lily like locusts and devour the perfect facade of the ship we call a home. But I can no longer discern what truth is. All I know is that I’m not living it.

And here are my seven lucky victims…

  1. China Despain Freeman
  2. Liza Kane
  3. Melissa Veres
  4. Geoffrey Wakeling
  5. Cally Jackson
  6. John Rea-Hedrick
  7. D. B. Smyth

I can’t wait for a glimpse into your WIPs!

Photo: Dave Center/flickr

12 thoughts on “Lucky number 7

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  2. Thanks for playing! It’s fun getting these snippets of WIPs. I’m looking forward to the next six posts!

  3. heehee, I just got home to see what the 7th line on page 77 was…it’s kinda funny out of context! Then again, my WIP’s kinda gibberish-like anyway at this point, so hey, I guess it works! ;)

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