My amazing writing community

It may sound a little ridiculous, but if it weren’t for Twitter, I don’t think I’d be nearly as far along as I am in my writing. Yes, I’d still be writing articles for work and perhaps scribbling a chapter or two of the novel now and then, but I wouldn’t be thisclose to a finished novel if it weren’t for the writing community I’m a part of.

I joined Twitter four years ago, and since then, I’ve met so many amazing writers via this micro-blogging site — or perhaps I should say “met” them because we’ve never shaken hands or seen each other outside the Internet. We’ve exchanged tweets, first drafts and writing advice, and what we’ve created really is a community. I know more about their lives than most of those hundreds of Facebook “friends” that I went to high school with, and if it weren’t for them, I wouldn’t have beta readers, I wouldn’t be attending my first writers’ conference, I wouldn’t be involved in what’s sure to be the greatest writers’ retreat of 2013 — and let’s face it, no one would be throwing badgers at me.

So, while I’m super excited for DFWcon, my agent pitch sessions and all those amazing workshops, what I’m most looking forward to is meeting some of these people for the first time. (Sorry, Dateline, but I do have plans to meet people I found on the Internet.)

If you’re looking for awesome people to follow on Twitter who will both inspire and badger you to write, these are some of my top picks:

I look forward to beta reading, fretting about revisions, writing about horses accurately, jumping from helicopters and badgering all of you. And, of course, I can’t wait to see your books on shelves so I can say, “Oh my God. I know that author! Well, I might not know them know them, but we totally tweet to each other.”

*I do actually know these people in real life, so I can attest to the fact that they’re real. The others might just be the most amazing Twitterbots ever. Only time will tell.


3 thoughts on “My amazing writing community

  1. Is it weird to admit that I love badgering because it’s like I’m badgering myself, or does that come off a little self-centered and narcissistic?
    I know what you mean though. Regardless of the opinions of social media gurus and luddites alike, I love twitter for the social aspect, and have met So. Many. Awesome. People because of it. Twitter actually DOES its job–it makes me want to interact with people MORE! (Uhm, Facebook is kinda the opposite, which is why I didn’t use the blanket “social networking” label.)
    AND YAY FOR CONFERENCES!! Here I was, thinking I’d have to rock out DFW Con all by my lonesome, but thanks to the domino effect of peer pressure (hehe), I have a whole crew to roll out with!
    I could go on and on, but now I’m experiencing a mild panic attack realizing how much WORK I need to do on WIP2 and only 2.5 weeks to do it in…


    China–>March 2012, writers retreat in OBX. Pencil it in!

  2. Awww, thanks for including me in your mega-awesome list, Laura. I feel so special. :-D

    HOWEVER I must take issue with an inaccuracy in your post. If my memory serves me correctly, we actually met through Rach Writes’ campaign groups! In saying that, if it weren’t for Twitter, I never would have heard of the campaign, so I guess you could still say that Twitter is responsible for our ‘meeting’. :-)

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