Pinterest: How it helps with my writing

If you’re on Twitter, if you’re constantly reading up on writing craft or if you’re using the Writer’s Knowledge Base, then you’ve likely found yourself overwhelmed by all the amazing articles and blog posts on writing, revising, querying, etc. that exist out there on the Web. How does a writer keep all this straight?

The best solution I’ve found is Pinterest. Now instead of emailing myself links, favoriting tweets and creating a bookmarks list that rivals a Tolstoy novel in its length, I just pin pages to the appropriate board.

It’s been a HUGE help. Now I know exactly where those 17 posts on “how to write a query” are — and I even have a place to keep those adorable pictures of cats I come across.

Don’t worry, I’m not one of those people who pins 24 hours a day, has 65 boards and is bordering on pinsanity. I keep my pinning in check! Here’s my Pinterest page and my super helpful (at least to me) Writing Tips board if you’re interested.

And here are some great posts on how writers can use Pinterest that I haven’t pinned. (Pinning posts about pinning just seems a little too Pinterest-vortexy for me.)

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3 thoughts on “Pinterest: How it helps with my writing

  1. I really didn’t get the whole pinterest thing for writers cause I don’t have a book to promote but I really like this idea of using it as a legit pinboard. I guess that’s the point though right? Heh

  2. Hey, Liz! I’m so glad you found this to be helpful! At first I didn’t understand the Pinterest craze or see how it could possibly help me as a writer, but I’m a total convert now. If you start a page, send me a note — I’d love to follow your boards!
    Happy pinning!

  3. I’ve been toying with the idea of trying out Pinterest for a while now. It’s just finding the time to learning a new platform but it sounds mega useful so I reckon I should give it a try. :-)

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