Story structure over k-dramas

I don’t have much of a blog post for you today. Lately whenever I’m not at the office or revising the novel, my life pretty much consists of back-to-back episodes of “Boys Over Flowers.” I’m pretty sure this kdrama stuff is some sort of powerful drug.

If that’s the case, Corey Wright is my dealer, “Shut Up and Let’s Go” was my gateway drug, Lee Hyun Jae is that dream I have when I’ve OD’d, and now I’m a full-fledged addict — but more on that later.*

To make up for the fact that my brain is addled with cute boys and kimchi, I’m going to share Dan Wells‘ awesome video series on story structure. These videos taught me so much, and I hope you take something from them as well.

And don’t worry — while these videos are good, they’re not kdrama addictive, so you’ll be able to move on with writing (and the rest of your life) after watching them. But be warned: The intro music in these is a little painful. I suggest hitting the mute button until you see the talented Dan Wells.

*My kdrama dealer will be helping me out with a fun blog post on Thursday, so please come by and check it out!

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5 thoughts on “Story structure over k-dramas

  1. I shelved SO MANY copies of the “Boys Over Flowers” manga when I worked at the library. The name alone is enough to make me shudder, but if you say it’s good, then I’ll have to give it a shot.

  2. I was wary at first, but I’m an addict now. Can’t. Stop. Watching.

    And I didn’t realize how many different versions of this there are: Japanese, Korean, Taiwanese — plus the manga and the anime.

  3. I blame Netflix and their inescapable accessibility. Everywhere in my house…my laptop, my TV, my phone…my Nook…there I am back in kdrama-land.

    Found you looking up Lee Hyun Jae…he is just too handsome for words.

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