The short version
I’m a YA writer and MNN.com editor whose stories are regularly published on CNN, The Huffington Post and Yahoo.

The long version
I was obsessed with words and stories long before I was able to write them. Luckily, Mom recorded them for me as I dictated lyrical masterpieces that offered a rare glimpse into the mind of a 4-year-old. (My stories were mostly about a very good little girl who deserved a kitten.)

By elementary school I was crafting elaborate stories about monsters and magic, and I was continually reprimanded for reading during class. Once I was even accused of plagiarizing my creative writing assignment, but after a very confusing talk with the principal about copyright infringement, I was awarded a second-place ribbon in a school writing contest and shipped off to a young writers conference.

Middle school and high school were also full of words. I filled countless notebooks with character descriptions and convoluted plots about teen girls with deadly secrets, amazing superpowers and, of course, boyfriends. When I joined the high school newspaper, I found another outlet for my love of the written word and came to think of myself as a teenage Nelly Bly, continually shocking my journalism teacher with exposés on polystyrene lunch trays and prescription drug abuse among students.

I followed this love of news and discovery all the way to journalism school at the University of South Carolina, where I covered 9/11 during my first day in “The Gamecock” newsroom and finally boarded an airplane when I became an exchange student in Australia. But four years worth of student loans wasn’t enough. I stayed at the university to earn a master’s degree, where I freelanced for The Associated Press, traveled to Jordan and taught copy editing to undergraduates. To this day, I read with a red pen in hand, inserting em dashes and correcting subjunctive voice. (No one likes to borrow my books.)

Today, I live in Atlanta and work as an editor for the Mother Nature Network, which is a dream job for a tree-hugging writer like myself. Of course, my ultimate dream is to share the characters and fictional worlds I create with readers. The universe inside my head is just too big — and too weird — to keep to myself.

The opinions, viewpoints and rambling madness on this site are my own and do not reflect the opinions of my current or former employers. When they hired me, they knew nothing of my blog and little of my potential to become a crazy cat lady.