Unique, eco-friendly bookshelves

As I’m sure you’ve noticed, I love creative reuse and inventive DIY projects — and I love books. So I took a quick look around the Web and pulled together some of the coolest and most unusual bookshelves with eco-elements. Enjoy!

Bookshelf made from books

Along those same lines, here’s an invisible bookshelf. (Check out the DIY tutorial here.)

Shelving to die for! These custom-made shelves transform into a coffin (go here for pricing) and help offset the energy- and resource-intensive process of building a typical coffin. Besides, you’re not going to need the bookshelf after you’re gone, right? If you’re looking for a better way to be as green in life as you were in death, check out my Huffington Post article on eco-burials.

Block shelf is made from salvaged wood and sailing rope.

Naturally, my favorite bookshelf is the AMAZING Cat-Library that comes with stairs for your feline to walk up and a built-in basket for cat naps. I. Want. It. Check out this video of Cat-Library in action.

If you happen to have an old Jag lying around — as so many of us do — it can also double as a library. (I guess it’s better than driving it around and emitting greenhouse gases.)

And it’s not quite a bookshelf, but if you’re ready to retire your stripper shoes, you can always turn them into some classy-looking bookends — or pay $150 for this one.

Know of any other awesome, eco-friendly bookshelves? Please share!

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