DIY projects for the bookish

It may seem just plain wrong to rip the pages from a book’s binding or replace literary genius with potting soil, but you have to admit that some of these DIY projects are pretty amazing. Makes me want to get crafty!

Upcycled book purse

Book planters

More cute book planters

Literary clock

Book tote

I’m not nearly as talented as the makers of those upcyled items (How awesome is that Lolita purse!?), but I did start a little bookish DIY project of my own a few months ago. I came across a tattered copy of “Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban” at a thrift store and remembered the old chair that my brother didn’t have room for in his apartment so…

I’m making a Harry Potter chair! Of course, the chair has been untouched since last fall … I could’ve captured and domesticated a hippogriff in the time it’s taking me to finish this project.

Have you ever gotten crafty with your books?