Earth Day: Change one small thing

It’s Earth Day! Yaaayyy!

I’m sure you expected a lengthy post where I preach to you about pollution, green living and the horrors of plastic. You’re probably thinking, “I can’t stand to read another post about Laura and plastic.” And while it’s tempting to emotionally torture people yet again with the two-minute video that changed my life, I thought I’d go the more uplifting route today.

So, yes, while learning about the devastation on Midway had a huge impact on how I live my life thousands of miles away in Atlanta, there was another documentary — a much more positive one — that also had an effect on me.

I wrote an article for MNN last year about bloggers who made yearlong green commitments and shared their journeys online, and one of the people I interviewed was Jen Rustemeyer of The Clean Bin Project. Here’s the gist of the movie: Jen and her boyfriend compete for a year to see who can avoid buying any new “stuff” and produce the least amount of waste in a year. But instead of your typical apocalyptic, depressing documentary, Jen and Grant have made a genuinely fun movie with a positive message.

“We’d seen so many environmental films that left us feeling hopeless, so we wanted to show that living zero waste can actually be fun,” Rustemeyer told me.

Now, I didn’t get to actually see the film until I attended the EcoFocus Film Festival this year, but I watched the trailer countless times and I’ve read the The Clean Bin Project blog from beginning to end, which inspired me to do all those crazy things like making my own deodorant and crackers and buying compostable toothbrushes. (Cody calls me an “extremist,” but I’m all, “No! I’m not doing enough for the planet!”)

So, this Earth Day, find something that inspires you to change and work for a better, cleaner, healthier planet. You don’t have to do something huge — start small, change one small thing, and then change another small thing.

As Rustemeyer says, “Just start with one change, and when that becomes a habit, you can move on to the next one.”

Check out The Clean Bin Project trailer below. I hope you love it as much as I do.

Photo: Grant Baldwin, The Clean Bin Project